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Inflation's Return: Your Cash is Losing Value

With the return of inflation recently, cash sitting in the bank is losing value. If you have a longer term time horizon, you would likely be much better off investing that money. However, it can be difficult to know which approach to investment can be in your best interests. Whether you are interested to hear about your options in relation to existing cash savings, or you wish to set aside an amount each month to build towards retirement or a particular goal, the best first step that you can make is to speak to an advisor who will cover all of your options in detail, and will give you unbiased and fact-based advice on what investments and product/platform suit your circumstances and goals best.
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Wealth Accumulation

The compounding effect of annual returns means that you are generally best advised to start investing sooner rather than later. The cost of delay can be severe, with $10,000 per year invested into the markets for 15 years producing almost double what you would amass from investing into the markets having delayed for 5 years (based on a return of 8% pa). Whilst living in Singapore, there are even more reasons to get started immediately. Firstly, your investments are not subject to any local tax, unlike would be the case if investing as a resident of the UK, Australia or the US (and almost all developed countries), so your investment can grow very efficiently.

Asset Growth

Secondly, your income is unlikely to enjoy a tax rate as low as it currently does in Singapore, and so with proper cash-flow management you should be able to commit a larger portion of your income to planning for retirement, or your child’s education for example. It is also critical that you take sound advice on how and where you should accumulate your wealth to ensure maximum tax efficiency when you relocate out of Singapore.
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Education Fees

Education presents unique challenges for expat parents, including understanding the types of pre-schools and schools available to your children. In all likelihood. costs will be far higher than you would expect in your home country. University education expenses are also reaching unprecedented levels, making careful financial planning essential. Planning education fees in advance is crucial to avoid disruptions to your child’s schooling and social life during critical stages. Chartwell Associates is your global partner for education fee preparation and strategy.

Retirement Planning

Chartwell Associates have long specialised in pensions and other investments for retirement and can give ive detailed advice in relation to schemes in the UK, Australia, The United States, Gibraltar, Malta, Guernsey, The Isle of Man and Singapore.

Additionally, we can provide detailed analysis on your future retirement needs and what it will take to meet them.
With expertise on global taxation (with a particular focus on the UK and Australia), Chartwell can also create a roadmap to ensure that you use your various assets correctly in retirement to ensure maximum overall tax efficiency for both yourself and those you leave behind