Singapore-Malaysia Travel Revolution: QR Codes Transform Immigration Clearance

Effortless and Contactless: Streamlined Process Promises Faster and More Convenient Travel Experience

A significant change is set to transform the immigration clearance process for travelers arriving in and departing from Singapore by car. Starting March 19, physical passports will no longer be required at the country’s two land checkpoints, thanks to the introduction of QR codes aimed at expediting immigration clearance.

Initially implemented at Singapore’s Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, this innovation promises faster processing times, although travelers will still be expected to present their physical passports at Malaysia’s checkpoints.

Here’s a breakdown of what travelers need to know about utilizing the QR code system for immigration clearance at these checkpoints

What You Need:

To utilize the QR code system, travelers must first download the MyICA mobile application, which facilitates the generation of QR codes. Each carload of travelers can opt to use a single QR code or generate individual codes. A group QR code can accommodate passport details for up to 10 travelers, with the option to store and name each group within the app. Travelers with different companions can create multiple QR codes as needed.

Generating a QR Code:

Once the MyICA app is downloaded, travelers can input their passport details manually or utilize the app’s Singpass integration for Singapore residents. Alternatively, the app offers a convenient passport scanning feature, allowing users to auto-populate passport information by scanning the machine-readable zone at the bottom of the biodata page. First-time visitors or those using a different passport from their last visit will need to present their physical passport for immigration clearance initially, but subsequent trips can utilize QR codes.

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The Clearance Process:

At the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, travelers can present their QR codes at designated counters equipped with QR code scanners. Immigration officers will conduct face-to-face checks based on the data retrieved from the QR codes. It’s crucial for travelers to ensure that the QR code used corresponds accurately to the travelers in the vehicle; any discrepancies may result in rejection.

Benefits of QR Code Immigration Clearance:

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) anticipates significant time savings with this initiative, estimating around 20 seconds saved for cars with four travelers and up to one minute for cars with 10 travelers. Overall, the use of QR codes could reduce waiting times by over 30%, providing a faster and more convenient immigration experience. Additionally, QR code clearance offers a contactless and hygienic alternative to traditional methods.

In a separate announcement, ICA cautioned travelers about heavy traffic expected at the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints throughout the ongoing March school holidays, advising them to allocate additional time for immigration clearance.

ICA remains committed to enhancing checkpoint operations through innovative initiatives and process optimizations to ensure a seamless and efficient immigration experience for all travelers.


In conclusion, the introduction of QR code immigration clearance marks a significant leap forward in border control efficiency between Singapore and Malaysia. By harnessing technology to streamline processes, travelers can expect smoother and more convenient journeys, with reduced waiting times and enhanced security measures. As both nations continue to innovate and adapt, this initiative sets a promising precedent for future advancements in cross-border travel.

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