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Being an expat living in Singapore opens up a world of financial opportunities. Investing whilst an expatriate will allow you to have access to a broader range of products as well as to potentially benefit from tax mitigation.

The decision of how and where to invest can be daunting, however with the right approach and careful planning, the rewards can be very satisfying. Seeking advice from a professional at Chartwell Associates can help you understand the jurisdictions and decipher the best offshore investment option for you.

Authorised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and with over a decade of experience, Chartwell Associates is committed to providing fiduciary advice, service and support to maximise your savings and investments and reach your financial goals.

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What are the advantages of investing internationally?

Investing internationally has three main advantages that attract expats to grow their wealth. These include:

Diversifying your investment portfolio: As an expat, having access to offshore investments will give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio across nations, markets, sectors, asset classes and currencies, giving you more flexibility and access to international markets.

Tax efficient: By investing internationally, you can structure your savings and investments in a tax efficient manner.

Risk management: There’s always a risk when it comes to investing your money and naturally you want to protect your investments from loss. Investing internationally can also allow you to diversify your portfolio more effectively across asset classes and geographical locations.

How much will investing internationally cost me?

The cost depends on your investment goals and the selected investment platform.

Talking to a professional financial planner at Chartwell Associates will help you find the right offshore investment plan that meets your budget requirements and meets your financial goals.

What international assets can I invest in through Chartwell Associates?

To minimise risk, it is a good idea to spread your risk and invest in different types of investments, also known as asset classes. These include:

  • Shares
  • Property: commercial or residential
  • Fixed interest securities or bonds
  • Foreign currency
  • Commodities, such as oil, coffee, corn, rubber and gold

Talking to a professional financial advisor at Chartwell Associates can help guide you to investing in the right assets specific to your needs.


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