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Retirement Planning

If you are an expat or about to become an expat living in Singapore and fail to review your current retirement plan, you could be setting yourself up for regret.

As an expat, you are likely to be subject to much uncertainty. You may need to move country at a moments notice, you may find that your employer does not make pension contributions or you may discover you can’t continue to pay into your pension back home.

Negating to consider your options could have a major impact on your retirement savings.

Investing in an internationally transportable retirement plan through Chartwell Associates saves time and boosts your retirement savings. Authorised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, an international retirement plan is designed to be flexible with location, currency, retirement age and withdrawals. The plans are also designed to maximize the opportunity for tax-efficient growth on contributions.

Situated in the global financial center of Singapore, Chartwell Associates offer world-class financial planning and advice regarding, insurance and investments. With over a decade of experience, we are committed to providing ethical advice, service and support to reach your financial goals and objectives.

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Planning early for your retirement has a number of advantages, especially if you are an expat living in Singapore. Below are more benefits of an international private retirement plan:

  • No country restrictions on contributions or withdrawals.
  • Suits a transient lifestyle.
  • Allows for consistent medium to long-term retirement planning.
  • No inconvenience and disruption of needing to re-establish a new retirement plan every time you move to a new country.
  • You are not restricted from which country you can contribute or upon retirement withdraw.
  • The plan stays in a stable regulated economy while you move around.
  • Grows tax-free the whole time, in a tax efficient investment area.
  • A contemporary retirement plan for expats that can adapt to changes in your circumstances and be a lifeline when you need.

If you are looking into how to plan for retirement in Singapore, you are going to need a strategic retirement saving and investments plan.

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