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You may be interested to purchase a property in Singapore, or in other countries such as the UK, Australia or perhaps other European or North American countries. Obtaining a mortgage may not be so easy for an expat or for a Singaporean purchasing outside Singapore. We are able to assist people to source property loans in many countries whether you are looking to buy an investment property or a family home. We take into account tax efficiency when advising on your property purchase.

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You would likely have a number of questions, such as:

• Can I get a loan for a property in which I am not resident?
• How much can I afford?
• How much should I borrow?
• How much of a deposit will I need, including taxes and other purchase costs?
• What interest rates are available currently?
• What special tax considerations might there be for properties in the country in which I am in interested in purchasing?
• Should I repay my mortgage early?
• Are there tax benefits for borrowing?

The Chartwell Solution

With over 20 years experience in property financing in many countries, we are uniquely positioned to assist with obtaining a mortgage, and we review property purchases from angles even very experienced property buyers and financially sophisticated people may not have considered.

If you meet with us, you will be well informed and able make a wise decision on a property purchase before you buy.

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