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Case Study 3

Case Study: Mr & Mrs D

Mr & Mrs D contacted us as they needed to re-finance their UK property. Their existing bank in the UK told them that they must refinance to another bank now that their property was rented out as they did not do “buy-to-let” mortgages. Since they were now living and working in Singapore they could not find a UK bank that would accommodate them.


After meeting with them and reviewing their situation, this is what we did:-


  1. We not only arranged re-financing on their UK property, but re-structured the loan so that it was more tax efficient and became cash-flow positive




  1. We wiped out their credit card debt saving them over GBP600 per month
  2. We then helped them surrender an under-performing, redundant UK endowment that gave only a very small amount of life insurance cover on Mr D
  3. With the monthly saving on the endowment we arranged a much higher amount of not only Life insurance but also Critical Illness cover, on both of them.
  4. The proceeds of the endowment policy (a five figure amount) was then paid into their bank account and this helped them meet a final requirement outstanding in order to qualify for them to adopt a child here in Singapore.
  5. We then helped them arrange up to date wills and powers of attorney.
  6. We also consolidated Mr D’s four UK pensions into an overseas arrangement which gave much better death benefits for Mrs D, and arranged a top-up pension that will help them achieve their aim to retire at 60 rather than 65


Two weeks before Christmas Mrs D came into to the office to deliver some paperwork, with a 3 week old baby boy that they had just adopted.


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