Chartwell Associates Pte Ltd | Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Case Study: Mr H

MR H, a 37 year old Kiwi, married, with two young sons aged 22 months and 1 month. Mr H approached us for mortgage advice. He had been referred by a friend to another IFA in Singapore only one month previously who declined to give him mortgage advice, but took the opportunity to sell him a 27 year S$2,000 per month saving plan.


After meeting with him and reviewing his situation, this is what we did:-


  1. First we helped him and his wife arrange wills, so at least their children would be looked after if anything happened to them.
  2. Second we arranged some life assurance on him, so that his wife and children would be ok, financially, should he die




  1. We restructured the mortgage on his UK property, saving him money on it and making it more tax efficient
  2. We then arrange finance so he could buy the property he wanted in Australia
  3. We also helped him consolidate his six separate bank accounts so that they were less scattered and enabled better management of his cash and cheaper transactions and then arranged a short term savings strategy to help build up his short-medium term savings.


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