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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Mr P, a Canadian, called into us as he wanted to know if he could possibly buy a property in Singapore. He had no idea of the rules for foreigners buying in Singapore or if his finances could afford it, but since he was aiming to remain in Singapore for a long time it seemed to make more sense than renting.

Case Study 2

MR H, a 37 year old Kiwi, married, with two young sons aged 22 months and 1 month. Mr H approached us for mortgage advice. He had been referred by a friend to another IFA in Singapore only one month previously who declined to give him mortgage advice, but took the opportunity to sell him a 27 year S$2,000 per month saving plan.

Case Study 3

Mr & Mrs D contacted us as they needed to re-finance their UK property. Their existing bank in the UK told them that they must refinance to another bank now that their property was rented out as they did not do “buy-to-let” mortgages. Since they were now living and working in Singapore they could not find a UK bank that would accommodate them.

Case Study 4

Mr G, a Brit, contacted us as he had reached age 60 and had received a letter from his former company asking for a decision on what he wanted to do with his company pension scheme as it was due to be paid to him. He was working in Singapore and aimed to be here until at least age 65. At this point he wanted to stop work and their dream plan was to retire full time to the US, where they already had a property. However, the US do not grant “retirement visas” so he thought he would have to split his time between the UK and the US. He was looking for some advice on what he should do with his UK pension scheme.


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